Do you feel like you’re a luscious being when you’re being touched by your beloved?
Are you spilling over with warmth and playful come-hither?
Do you believe that you’re stuck with what you now have, or that there are realms of loving yet to be explored?

Come, bring your beloved and celebrate a new beginning, a deeper, richer experience with each other.

Group and private classes are offered in the Seattle WA area, or perhaps begin with some intimacy coaching and work with Cherie in person, by phone or online.

Consider the possibilities....

                  There is some kiss we want with our whole lives, the touch of Spirit on our body.


  • cultivating the energies of passionate connection
  • loving fearlessly
  • experiencing rich, resonant communication
  • relaxing your mind & discovering your heart
  • seeing & being seen deeply
  • discovering the sacred side of love

  • igniting the energy of Tantric kissing
  • taking your relationship to the next level
  • deepening your intimacy & passion 
  • experiencing heart & soul, yours & theirs
  • learning the intimacy of touch
  • healing feelings of disconnection
  • enjoying the playfulness of sexual energy

This is an experiential class, the art, style, and power of the kiss will be tasted, developed and shared with only your partner. One's ability to receive the offering, as well as one's generosity of giving will be explored. Playfulness is awakened, intimacy revealed, magic happens.

1-Day Kissing Playshop

Private Kissing Classes                     Student Love Notes

Tailored to your needs, this is an intimate, embodied session with lessons on communion transmitted by the presence in your gaze,

touch, energy, breath and kiss.

Single? Trained surrogates are available for your class.

Choose a 3 to 6-hour session.

What do you really desire in relationship?

Are you ready to experience deep connection and the possibility of bliss?

It’s often clear to us that romantically we feel we are missing out on something, tho it’s rarely as clear just what that something is.
Take a couple of deep breaths and consider these questions.
Do you feel that kissing is a precious moment of shared ravishment and swooning?

Kissing School is for...

Kissing School Intimacy Coaching

"I came to the Valentine's Day Kissing School looking for a little adventure. What I found was profound connection.

Now I say that every couple should come to Kissing School!" 

M.  Psychotherapist, Seattle

Kissing School
lessons on love, lips and life-force